Crafty Friends

Just over a year ago The Crafty Friends of Longton United Reformed Church was set  up.  They support local vulnerable people by knitting/crocheting blankets for the homeless and knitting blankets for the Neonatal Unit. This has expanded into clothing for the premature babies and twiddle muffs for Dementia and Parkinson’s sufferers.

This association has had no running costs, it has depended on the generosity of friends who have donated spare wool and the knitters/crocheters themselves.  Therein lies the problem.  Some of our knitters produce large quantities of knitting which they cannot necessarily completely fund themselves and our supply of donated wool is drying up.

In a year 36 twiddle muffs, 71 baby blankets, 51 ventilator bonnets, 20 cardigans, 8 pairs of mittens, and 20 blankets for the homeless have been distributed.  These have all been made and sent with love and have had great benefits not only for the recipients but also for the donors too.  One lady, who was terminally ill,  when she couldn’t sleep at night, would sit knitting.  She produced the panels for a complete homeless blanket on her own.  Others have at first approached the challenge with trepidation, fearing that they were no longer physically up to the task, but they have graduated from small squares to much larger pieces of work.

We would like to expand both our repertoire and our group of workers.  The Neonatal Unit is considering the use of octopi toys.  The eight legs of the octopus give the premature babies something to hold onto when in the ventilator cot.  Research in Denmark has noted that they find it calming to cling to.  We are waiting for our local hospital board to give permission for their use.  These are knitted/crocheted from cotton which is more expensive than most of the yarn we use, plus they also need stuffing.

The Crafty Friends is a group of like minded people who work in their own homes under no pressure as and when they please. Can you knit or crotchet? If so please contact us for further information.

 Perhaps you have some new/used wool in your home which you no longer have need of.  Even small quantities can be used for sewing up and all types of yarn are needed.  If you have spare large buttons, ribbon, bells or jewellery, we can use them to decorate twiddle muffs.  Our church is open weekday evenings from 7.00 pm and you can leave your donations then.  We are on the corner of Trentham Road and Drubbery Lane.

I am hoping that you will help support our work and please, if you know of anyone who would benefit from our work please let us know here.